Reconstructive Plastic Surgery – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Reconstructive surgery is often needed after trauma or certain illnesses. In all reconstructive plastic surgery, two goals are often important reasons for the surgery. Restoring function to as near normal as possible is always a primary goal, especially with hand and lower extremity reconstructive surgery. In addition, restoring a natural, healthy-looking appearance is equally important, since maintaining a strong sense of self esteem often is linked to how we appear to others. Both goals are important parts of reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.

Reconstructive Surgery Procedures

Most plastic surgeons focus on particular types of reconstructive plastic surgery, and have specialized training, skill and experience in those types of surgeries. Whether another physician in the Minneapolis St. Paul area refers you to Dr. McCue or you contact him yourself, you can learn about Dr. McCue and the surgical procedures he performs at the links below:

Dr. McCue – Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

In some cases, Dr. McCue is called in by referral for reconstructive plastic surgery when a traumatic injury occurs. In other cases, patients contact him themselves to discuss reconstructive surgery. Dr. McCue’s training and experience in microvascular surgery and tissue transfers play a large role in achieving the goals of restoration of function and appearance for these surgeries. Schedule an consultation with Dr. McCue’s Minneapolis St. Paul office to discuss elective reconstructive plastic surgery at any time.