SculpSure Laser Abdomen and Flank Fat Removal – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

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Laser Fat Reduction Non-Invasive For many men and women, a successful weight loss plan that includes proper dieting and exercise can be very successful and results in improved health and appearance. However, many people notice stubborn excess fat in specific areas, despite achieving their target weights. The abdomen and flank areas of the body contain many thousands of fat cells that may not respond to diet and exercise. In the past, surgical procedures, such as liposuction, were needed to trim down those areas and achieve a smooth, slim appearance. Dr. McCue is glad to announce the availability of in-office SculpSure treatments. This new, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment uses solid-state lasers to disrupt fat cells in the abdomen and flanks. A single treatment that takes only about half an hour can successfully destroy up to 24% of those stubborn fat cells. There’s no down-time following an affordable SculpSure treatment. Your body’s natural systems absorb and eliminate the fat over a few weeks. The slimming results are permanent, since those disrupted fat cells cannot regenerate.

Is SculpSure the Right Choice for You?

If you’ve lost weight through diet and exercise, but are still not satisfied with the appearance of your abdominal area or flanks, you may be a good candidate for SculpSure. It may help you achieve a smoother, flatter abdomen and reduce the appearance of “love handles” on your flanks. If the following criteria apply, contact Dr. McCue for a consultation on this method or other options:

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Options

Stubborn excess fat in the abdomen and flanks often remains, even after a successful weight loss and exercise program. Traditionally, liposuction has been the most common procedure used by plastic surgeons to improve body contours in this area. Today, however, advanced laser technology has provided alternative treatments, including SculpSure. When you consult with Dr. McCue, he will evaluate your current health and medical history and talk with you about your goals and expectations. After a thorough assessment, he will recommend a treatment plan and explain the results you should expect. In many cases, SculpSure offers a non-invasive option that gives patients excellent results without the higher cost and recovery downtime of liposuction surgery. You’ll get answers to all your questions and a clear understanding of what you can expect.

Personal Consultation on Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

If you are concerned about stubborn fat deposits in your abdominal or flank areas and want to minimize bulges or love handles, SculpSure may be the right treatment choice for you. Contact Dr. McCue’s office to schedule a consultation and to discuss possible treatment plans to help you achieve the improved appearance and body contours you seek. Only a fully qualified, experienced plastic surgeon can give you the answers you need and recommend the exact procedures that help you look your best. A consultation with Dr. McCue will give you the information you need to make an informed decision that is best for you.