Hand Reconstruction Surgery – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Our hands are extremely important in our daily lives. Traumatic injuries of the hand are very common, since we use our hands constantly in our work, play, and daily living. When a hand is injured, restoring its function and appearance to be as normal as possible is a high priority. Dr. McCue has specific training and experience that enables him to perform surgery for traumatic hand injuries. He also performs some elective surgeries of the hand on referral from other physicians.

The Hand Is a Complex Mechanism

Most of us take our hands for granted, never thinking about the structures that make them work so well. Your hand is a complex part of your body, with multiple tendons, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, all crowded into a small area. Smooth, precise function of all of these parts is needed for every hand movement and function. When hands are injured, this complex balance is disrupted. Scar tissue, nerve damage, damaged or severed tendons, and other injuries are common issues hand surgeons face when repairing an injured hand.

Hand Surgery – Restoring Function to Injured Hands

Hand surgery requires an intimate knowledge of the anatomy of the human hand, and a wide range of surgical skills, including microsurgery. Specialized training is also needed to achieve the goal of any hand surgery: restoring normal function as far as is possible. If you are referred for hand surgery to Dr. McCue, he will bring all of his training and experience to bear on achieving the best possible outcome.

Dr. McCue will discuss the surgery with you and will explain what he will be doing in your surgery. As accurately as is possible before surgery, he will describe the likely outcomes from the surgery. He’ll also explain issues that may alter the outcome, so you’ll be fully informed. After your surgery, recovery time will vary. In most cases you’ll have physical therapy to help regain the maximum possible return of function. Contact Dr. McCue’s Minneapolis St. Paul office to schedule a hand reconstruction consultation.