Breast Reduction Surgery – Minneapolis S. Paul, MN

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Breast size varies widely among women. For some women, large breasts are a real problem. If large breasts are out of proportion with the rest of the body, or cause physical distress, such as back or shoulder pain, surgical reduction of the size of the breasts is an option to consider. Overly large breasts may also often interfere with a woman’s self esteem and can even interfere with activities. Breast reduction surgery can be of benefit in all of these situations. Dr. McCue performs breast reduction surgery as part of his plastic surgery practice.

Should You Consider Breast Reduction Surgery?

If you are in good general health and have a strong personal desire to reduce the size of your breasts, breast reduction surgery may be a good option for you. The following reasons are typical for women who consider breast reduction surgery:

Get the Information You Need – Your Personal Consultation

The first step in your decision to have breast reduction surgery is a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon. Dr. McCue believes that a thorough and informative consultation is very important before any plastic surgery decision. At your consultation, you’ll be asked about your current health, your medical history, medications you take, and whether you are a smoker. Dr. McCue will also ask you why you are considering breast reduction surgery and what results you hope to achieve. After an examination of your breasts, which will include an assessment of your skin type, breast size, and other factors, he will discuss your surgical options with you, explain what results you can expect, how the surgery will be performed, cost, and other factors that will help you make your decision. Dr. McCue will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Understanding the Breast Reduction Procedure

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with a breast reduction procedure, it can be scheduled and the Twin Cities surgical facility chosen. Breast reduction can involve several different incision types and methods, and Dr. McCue will explain all of the details of the procedure and answer any questions you may have. You’ll be informed of all aspects of the procedure, including any risks involved with your surgery, the results you can expect from the surgery, and any preparations you need to make before the date of the surgery. Dr. McCue believes that every patient should receive complete information at all stages of the process.

Recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery

Once the surgery is completed, you’ll spend some time in a recovery room. Dressings will be applied, and elastic bandages or a special bra will help support your breasts. Small drainage tubes may also be present. For the next few days, you’ll have some restrictions to follow, and medications to prevent infections and help with discomfort will be prescribed. Over the next weeks, you’ll return to Dr. McCue’s office for after care, which will include removing stitches and follow-up examinations. Dr. McCue will give you detailed instructions for self-care during the recovery period and, depending on your surgery, he will let you know when you can resume normal activities and return to work. Over time, any swelling will disappear, and incision lines will fade, although they will remain visible to some degree. Incisions will be located so they don’t show when you are dressed, even with low necklines. As you get used to the new shape of your breasts, you’ll notice a marked reduction in the problems that large breasts can cause. Almost all breast reduction patients find that they are very happy with the changes.

Deciding to Have Breast Reduction Surgery

If you are experiencing discomfort or other issues associated with very large breasts, breast reduction surgery may be a good way to improve those problems. The decision to have breast reduction surgery is an important one, and you should consider all aspects of your choice carefully. If you believe that breast reduction surgery may be right for you, contact Dr. McCue in Minneapolis St. Paul for a consultation and get all the information you need to make an informed personal decision.